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Ending support for all MagicWebFX products

As many of you have observed, the usefulness of MagicWebFX products has become greatly diminished through the years, mainly due to all the changes the company has made to the PFC website. This fact, along with my diminished access to essential website elements, is why I am not accepting new subscriptions or renewals.

I am discontinuing all support for ALL MagicWebFX products. That means if the company makes a change that breaks the program,I will not be issuing an update to fix the program.

I have released one last update that allows 2016 subscribers to continue using the program into 2017 and beyond without paying. If you were a subscriber in 2016, please download and install Version 3.18.

Thank you for your patronage and support for the past 10+ years.

cheers, charlie

MagicWebFX Description

MagicWebFX is a scripting program that saves you time and energy by automatically doing routine tasks on the FedEx pilot's website. It uses Microsoft Internet Explorer, just like you would, but without all those repetitive keystrokes and mouse-clicks. Look at some of the things it can do to make your life easier:

  • Download Open Time and see the actual trip recaps (not from a bidpack), tag disputed pairs
  • Send new Open Time trips to your cell phone/email; Also can check for Crew Notifications
  • View Open Time trips on your VIPS Calendar; trips are color coded with mouse-hover trip descriptions
  • View/Add Calendar with a trip delete feature to help your build the perfect bid request
  • Auto or manually reserve Jumpseats, save reminders or add you own notes
  • Auto or manually submit up to 6 different Bid Line Adjustments (trip trades) items
  • One-click FDX ALPA menu and functions
  • Easy access to Mainframe functions: Paycheck, Bulletin Boards, IMS and PRISM
  • One click bookmarks link you to many VIPS and InTRAnet pages
  • Auto LogOns bookmarks for ALPA FedEx and Trip Manager websites
  • Simple downloads of your aircraft manuals and payroll records
  • Recurrent Training sessions on your VIPS Calendar. Simplify your training bid.
  • Hotkey to save webpages including expense reports
  • Save monthly calendar, trip details, pay and other info to your computer
  • YearEnd reports of payroll & perdiem recaps, activities and trips
  • Export Activites to most calendar programs (Outlook, GMail, etc)[iCal file, *.ics]
  • PayTracker spreadsheet template w/auto-fill; works with Excel & Open Office
MagicWebFX features easy E-Grid entry and
works within the company's current "Bot" restrictions

Security & Data

Access to the MagicWebFX program is protected by passwords that you choose. The user information, passwords and E-Grid you enter in the program are always safe. The program stores it all in encrypted files that are stored and found only on your computer.

MagicWebFX saves what it downloads in files on your computer that you can view at anytime. Once saved, there is no need to be on the network to review your future trip details, reserved jumpseats and other needed info.

System Requirements

Basic Requirements
MagicWebFX works with Windows 2000,XP,VISTA, Win7, Win8, Win10, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE7 & above), Notepad and the BlueZone mainframe software. The Help File is packed with lots of screen pictures. The Mainframe section helps demystify the Mainframe/Green Screen.
Windows VISTA and WIN7
The program works with VISTA and Win7 and no special setup is required. Alternate setup instructions can be found on the Tips&Links page and are also located in the program Help file.
MAC Users
MAC users should be able to run MagicWebFX using any Emulator software (bootcamp, parallels, vmware) that supports Windows XP, VISTA, and Win7 applications.
The Contract Help File download for MAC is a .zip file containing a .chm file. Additional software may be needed to access these files.

Subscription Costs

MagicWebFX is Shareware. After a 40-day free trial period, the program will revert to a Lite version, which only allows logon, open time and mainframe downloads. The cost for a license subscription is $15 per calendar year (1Jan to 31Dec).

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